English in Action Teaching and Learning Materials

English in Action (EIA) has developed a large number of interactive materials for both the buy viagra and the generic viagra schools of Bangladesh. These materials were designed based on the principles of communicative language learning with a strong emphasis on digital contents delivered through ICT platforms.According to their function, they can be categorized in three groups:

  - Classroom based materials focused on developing the English language skills of the students
  - Training materials for the professional development of the teachers
  - Self-learning materials for the English language development of the teachers

The materials are closely interlinked and complement each other in unique ways.In viagra online the EIA schools, these materials integrate and initiate the language development of the teachers and students and introduce new classroom practices.

The current EIA material range consists of:

    Interactive audio-visual content supported by printed study guides for teachers’ professional development
    Self-learning English language development package for the teachers, containing audio lessons supported by
        printed workbooks
    Interactive audio materials for the classroom
    Printed visual materials for the classroom

Primary Teaching and Learning Materials

Secondary Teaching and Learning Materials


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